This Company Is a Total Scam


I went online looking for health insurance through the exchange. I made an inquiry and was called on the phone almost immediately. I didn’t find out until well into the conversation that the insurance they were talking about wasn’t through the exchange. I was told that I could go to the doctor of my choice and there was no huge deductible. And, for just a little bit more monthly premium, my husband and I could get life insurance. I was told that I didn’t have to pay my full first month premium all at once. I could pay some now and the rest in about 6 weeks. I felt really good. I had secured health insurance in the enrollment window and promptly forgot about it.

After about a month I had received my life insurance packets and a card for supplemental accident insurance I waited for my health insurance cards and benefit/prescription drug info until after the holidays. When I still didn’t receive anything, I called. I was told that my cards and benefits info had been mailed in Nov. I knew that was a lie because they had told me that I wouldn’t get them until they withDrew the remaining premium amount in late Dec. They said they would re-send the cards/info by mail and send me digital insurance cards via email. When that didn’t happen, I called back and was told more BS.

That is when I went to my bank statements and found that they had withdrawn more money than had been approved. I was told that they would be withdrawing $218.00 on Nov. 8th and $107.00 on Dec 23rd. Totaling $325.00. They actually withDrew $221.16 on Nov 25th and 221.16 on Dec 23rd. Totaling $442.32. They STOLE an extra $117.32 above the amounts I authorized! I contacted them back and demanded a refund. I will give them some time to send my refund. If they don’t, I will be going after them through my bank. I also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I had to include their business address in the complaint, looked it up and guess what? It is a UPS STORE!

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