Thomas L Dickerson Attorney


Caveat Emptor – If you see this review and still hire Dickson you can’t say you weren’t warned. Attorney Thomas Dickson is very unethical. He will talk a good talk and gladly take your money. In return he delivers nothing. His firms double billing policy will cost you double what you are expecting to pay. He hires inexperienced new attorneys and uses them to do case management. Then, because these junior attorneys have little or no experience they have to consult with Dickson about every little aspect of your case. So instead of paying a reasonable fee of $275 – $325 an hour you end up paying for two attorneys equaling $600 – $675 an hour.

I fired Dickson and hired a single attorney and it cost me way less and I actually got excellent work product and positive results for a 3rd of what I paid to Dickson for the same work that had to be redone because of Dickson’s junior attoenrys mistakes and the over all mishandling of my case.

Country United States
State Washington
City Tacoma
Address 1200 E D St
Phone 253-572-1000

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