ThredUP New York New York Review


ThredUP is a useful sight for the BUYER. They did a great job of providing a bag and it was an easy process to get the clothes to them. Their process is nicely streamlined. They ONLY allow clothing and the clothes and seemed to be competitively priced. nSince their new business strategy (March 2012) and $24MILLION loan– they started charging for clothes instead of “swapping”” them. The down side to their strategy is for the person who SUPPLIES the clothing. nMy initial experience with ThredUP went like this; nI shop lands end for uniforms for my child and was fortunate to have a complete records of all clothes purchased. I filled two bags full of pristine clothing and sent them to ThredUP. Bag #1 had a value of $596.50. I very carefully laundered each article of clothing and checked for any tears


missing labels

or stains and did not send anything that was not in perfect condition. Then I built an excel spreadsheet listing each item and its value and a column for what was received from ThredUP. I did this because I was planning on sending several (7-10) bags of clothing as I cleaned out each family member’s closet. nBag #1: $596.50 RECEIVED from ThredUP $16.00 (minus 2% for PayPal transfer) = $15.68. They “”REJECTED”” 61% of the items sent because they said that 61% of what I sent had tears


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