Been ordering flea meds from these people for like 8 years. | This time they sent me a product with expiration date from 2013. | My dog got fleas, and I was upset about it, politely asked for refund, as per their clearly stated policy on their website, which states a 45 day refund period if you have any problems. | After two emails with no reply, i heard back from them. | They told me, “the products don’t expire”. No other comments. | Obviously they do, since we have fleas. | I’m enraged because the refund is for 35 dollars, hardly a big deal, but their extreme disregard for my situation is disgusting. | They didn’t even say “sorry to hear about the fleas” in the email. | They have no conscience. There are so many negative complaints about this company online, it would easy to mount a class action lawsuit. | I will also be contacting the BBB, yelp and any other avenues I can find.


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