Thrive Market Franktown Colorado


Complaint: I’m BEYOND angry! This company plastered their free promotional food item to be delivered for 1.00 or the cost of shipping and handling, has you register and enter a credit card for the “shipping”” then has you agree to their terms and conditions (which I’m sure in very fine print it lists that it will charge you $60 one month later for NO reason) This is ridiculous! They put the charge through on a friday

Tags: Food Vendors

Address: so that by the time the bank catches it at closing time

Website: greedy little lie that was. This company now has enough revenue from all the charges from unassuming customers who were looking to “”try-out”” the service… they have enough money now to do something with it and turn it into a profitable buisness from STOLEN money. They will have invested enough of it to turn a profit before it can all be “”refunded”” even if they allow the refund to happen- this company is up to FOUL business practices!!!!!”

Phone: its already too late to call and contest the charge… monday is Fourth of July!!!!!! So tuesday I will be calling this place and giving them a ration! What a ridiculous

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