Tia Downing – Saratoga, New York New York


I played right into this girl’s trap. She was newly pregnant and looking for more attention. She used me as a pawn to get to my husband, let’s call him John. It started a friends, they new Each other in HS. She helped me when I needed her, she helped plan my sons birthday, and babysat. Well, she sent John some nudes, which he then played along with her. Some of these nudes were even taken at my home. When confronted she played innocent while he fessed up. Swore he’d never speak to her again, and he hasnt. She and i saw Each other this passed week, and she still played innocent. Which makes me sick. She deceived me, played games with me. And still acts as of she did nothing wrong, when I saw the pictures with my own eyes. She’s still on the prowl ladies, so be careful.

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