Tiburcio Villamor Marcos


This man is the front of an international scam that mainly runs in the philippines and us but has other sister company scams that runs also in africa, middle east and even europe.

This branch claims to have the universal right for all of philippines using a document mentioned in a documentary to have been owned by the tagean tallano family. Then uses the name of the former president marcos to try legitimizing that they have ownership to the fabled marcos gold. All of these names are used conveniently to mask his real and tarnished named alex poyatos can be run with background checks to have run scams previously in various parts of new york.

Additionally, has made fake photos using general george casey’s army photo Proof is with the uniform ribbon) and the spanish admiral deputy operational commander admiral bartolom bauza. Not to mention, the fake documents that his accomplices create by horrible work of photoshopping elements, badges, public signatures, fake print then rescan/xerox copy and scan again paperwork. None of these paperwork are valid. Their income comes mainly from the processing fees that they ask from victims and mail or hand out a fraudulent document that supposedly gives them the right for 10 million pesos when the great reset happens. All of their knowledge, documents are based on conspiracy theories that runs as far as nesara / gesara spread by qanon. Another weird moniker to note is his use of tvm-lsm-666 used as some identification number.

The group claims to have connections to many banks, the united nations, interpol, all governments and many more And some have publicly refused that they have connections to this group or karen hudes).

His accomplices are /were:

Robert marcos Real identity not yet known but claims to be robert l. Marcostallano tagean v)

Karen hudes Who eventually turned her back against this organization due to disputes)

Ferdinand lagundino Seems to be the head of operations in the philippines)

Also tied to the fake universal queen of queens foundation

They use multiple free sites ranging from facebook, wixsite, blogspot, etc. And claim to be written by other authors to try providing legitimacy although they have control to all of these sites:







Proof of his long running history of fraud:

Getting caught in bank fraud as son of marcos


The group illegitimately claiming ownership to a land in mandaue philippines




Another site noting their conpsiracy theories to be misleading


Various collection of note ranging from using fake documents to withdraw to his use of prince charles’ photo



Of note here, various users in the comments of this forum revealing the fraud that the group is running


Another conspiracy theorist disputing the legitimacy of tiburcio villamor marcos

For the Record: About Tibrucio Villamor Marcos

Online forum noting of alex payatos / poyatos’ old routine of scamming


His fake name comes from a book and conspiracy theories easily searchable in google note in the second link below the comments like

Anonymous Never forgets and never forgives) – june 11, 2017

Hrh prince tiburcio villamor marcos died at the age of 8, you are an imposter alexander poyatos Your real name) and you will be held accountable for your deceit to the maharlika people



Their use of various goverment/international entities fraudulently


Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address P.O. Box No. 3134 Rockefeller Center 610, 5th Ave
Phone 63 (02) 6979-130

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