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Complaint: I attempted to buy theater tickets for Lion King from Ticket Master but I was linked over to Ticket Fulfillment Services LP which is a “resale marketer””. I had no idea that I was not dealing with Ticket Master. The tickets they sold to me were for the Minskoff Theater in NYC – $750.00 – when I was trying to purchase tickets for the Barbara B. Mann Theater in Ft Myers FL. Big difference ! When I requested a copy of my order history

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Address: they did send but I strongly suspect it was altered to make it my mistake. The copy I have of my order showed the request for Ft Myers. They were totally uncooperative. No refund or anything else. They just said they were sorry that I made a mistake. No refunds – ever. At this point

Website: 8442235661

Phone: I am disputing with American Express but I’m not very hopeful. Be careful. Stay away from this company and probably also Ticket Master because it was them that linked me to this other company without any information or consent.”

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