Tiehesha McCullough Easton, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania


I’m writing this because the situation with this home wrecking whore almost destroyed my cousin! This crack whore met up with my cousin’s husband at a diner she was working at, and asked his friend to give him her phone number. After his friend told her that he would make sure to”tell his wife that she wanted him to call her”, she didn’t give him the number. || She ran into him one day in Easton at the Dunkin Donuts, in the circle, and immediately started flirting with him. She said she was waiting on the bus to take her to work and his dumb ass gave her a ride! She gave him her phone number, and the asshole that HE was, actually called her! || Needless to say, this little”affair” went on for about 5 or 6 weeks. My cousin kept telling me that she had that”gut feeling” that he was screwing around because they weren’t getting along for a while, and she was actually considering leaving him because he was so”different lately”. Well, one night when he acted crazy about his cell phone and snatched it out of her hand, she went online to check the phone records and found the same number on there about 10 times a DAY! Whether incoming or outgoing, it was still A LOT of calls to that particular number! This is how stupid her husband was, totally forgetting that SHE was the one who paid the phone bill every month, so she had access to all of it. So she called the number and this whore answered it. || She confronted both her, and her husband about it, and kept herself from beating the girl’s ass because she didn’t want to risk an assault charge that would have cost her, her job, but she did wreck her own house to keep from punching her husband’s face in! This chick had nerve to tell my cousin straight out that she knew he was married, and that he NEVER took his wedding band off! And then had nerve to ask her if she was planning to leave him or divorce him, because she”loved him”! Someone please tell me how you”love” someone after seeing them for about an hour a day, just to screw, (in a work van at that) and then knowing he was going HOME to his WIFE?! || Anyway, here’s where the good part comes in…….. My cousin, being the detective that she is (not really, but she should be), found out that this chick was on the work release program in Northampton County Prison, and had a rap sheet THREE PAGES LONG, from Northampton, Lehigh, and Chester Counties! To top it off, most of them were drug charges, theft charges, and there was even PROSTITUTION CHARGES!!! || This is when she totally went nuts! She called her OB/GYN immediately, went in for every test imaginable, AND made HIM get tested for EVERYTHING too. Thank God everything came out normal, because he said he used a condom with this pig every time he was with her, but my cousin still had doubts. || As of now, she’s living in Glenmoore, PA, trying to play the role of”Henrietta housewife” when really she should be called”Henrietta Whore Homewrecker”. || She’s also with a man that probably has no clue about her past, and she’s even pregnant by this poor guy, who I might add is about 8 years younger than her! I kind of feel bad for him, not knowing that the slut carrying his child was a paid hooker! She also has two other children that she lost custody of, two sons, but she is SOOOO happy about this little girl she’s pregnant with, that you’d NEVER know she even had two other children. || THIS SHAMELESS BITCH IS THE DEFINITION OF A HOMEWRECKER!!!!

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