Tiffany Laird Baltimore, Maryland Maryland


Tiffani Laird is a Dundalk slut who seems to have a problem keeping her legs closed. Apparently she thinks she has a “special gift”. You can see how she tattooed bows on her hips like she has a very special present. Tiffani seems to have the gift that she keeps on giving to practically every guy she meets! She met my boyfriend in Ocean City one night and after a few drinks, she had sex with him! She didn’t even know him for 24 hours, but she let him bend her over in a parking lot and have sex with her! Not only did she know he had a girlfriend, this slut actually had a boyfriend and went back to her hotel room and slept in the same bed with him right after! She seems to prefer sloppy seconds because she tries to get with every other girls boyfriend! She probably should focus more on paying her car payment then being a homewrecker! Ladies, watch your boyfriends around this one. She will do anything and everything to get with your man! Hey Tiffani, real women start their own lives, Smuts try to steal everyone else’s! || P.S. If you have a problem, you know where to find me! SMUT! – Meghan

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