Tiffinie Portinari – Manchester, New Hampshire New Hampshire


“Tiff” if not only a disgusting needle junkie crackhead, but also a true whore/prostitute. She managed to break up a friends relationship, practically marriage, after continuously providing crack to my girl’s “husband”. This woman knew he was in a 15 year relationship with the mother of his 12 year old daughter and continues to manipulate him into thinking she not only loved him, but that she was the one for him and he needed to leave his family, which the moron did high as kite. She’s lost custody of her 3 children and convinced this man that not only is she a “good mother”, but a respectable woman…She’s also been supporting both hers and her 16 year old daughters heroin habit by giving it to her so she can monitor it. Now this man went back to his wife after a 2 week crack/heroin binge with this disgusting woman. She’s not only been a stripper, but as recently as August she has been a prostitute. She currently has a sugar daddy who has been supporting this drug binge and wasn’t aware she was with another man, let alone someone’s husband. She continued to lie and manipulate even when confronted with hard evidence of her lies. She most likely has passed on her stds to this man, as if she didn’t participate enough in not only destroying a man’s life, but also his wife’s and child’s life. She then continued to try to manipulate him after he CHOSE to leave his needle junkie prostitute. If you see her around Manchester or Merrimack with her kid, she doesn’t have custody of any children but this girl is 16 and has chosen her drug addicted mother to help her because she was withdrawing from pain pills and knew her drug addict mother, who has no motherly instinct, no morals, no values, no respect for herself let alone anyone else, I could go on and on but you get the point. If she thinks your man will take care of her, look out she’ll convince him she’s better and once she’s got him she’ll feel like she’s won. Her name is Tiffinie Portinari and she is not only a home wrecking whore, but apparently a snitch as well.

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