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Complaint: I am currently vacationing in Clarksville Tennessee from Wisconsin. I dropped my husband off earlier today while took the kids to see the Easter Bunny at the mall across the street. He wanted to watch the Marquette game that was on as part of March Madness. We agreed that I would come back after the game with the kids to eat dinner. We had heard the food was good but that service could be better. We still decided to check the place out despite the mixed reviews. Well needless to say we will NEVER return to any location! While I was gone my husband was called a pervert by the manager in front of patrons because he thought my husband was trying to take a picture of one of the girls. When my husband explained to the manager my husband was offered no apology for calling him a name in front of other patrons for no reason! My husband did not take a picture of one of the girls but lets just say that he did, does this give the manager the right to call my husband a pervert in front of other patrons? I THINK NOT! Totally and utterly RUDE! Then to not offer an apology was just like a slap in the face! Next I arrived just after the Marquette game ended. I sat down at an empty table in the bar area. The waitress handling the area walked passed me several times with no greeting and continued serving the table next to me without any recognition that I and my children were sitting there. After about 20 minutes she finally came to the table and asked, “Did you need something or are you just hanging out?”” I asked her for menus and ordered drinks. She then went to the next table and asked them if they needed refills. A couple of minutes later the table next to us got their refills and we were still sitting with no drinks! We ordered before the people sitting next to us!!! After about another 5 minutes we still did not have drinks so we decided to get up and leave. We had been sitting there for roughly 30 minutes with no service! On the way out I made sure to let the hostesses know that we had every intention of eating there and that we gave the place overall several chances to redeem/impress us and all had failed miserably! The hostesses apologized but it seriously did no good. They didnt even offer to get a manager

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Address: not that I would have wanted to talk to the manager that called my husband a pervert anyways but it would have been a good gesture. I think these “”girls”” all need some seriously retraining and so does management! COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE! NEVER AGAIN! I will also be making sure to tell everyone I know what a horrible experience this was! I then wrote them on Facebook and they argued with me that everything was a misunderstanding. They then deleted all of my threads so that only theirs were showing for everyone to see. They then blocked me from commenting so I could no longer state that what they were saying back to me was lies. I reported them to the BBB

Website: 2790B Wilma Rudolph Blvd. Clarksville, TN Clarksville, Tennessee United States of America

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