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Complaint: Simple2up I joined in March of 2017 and after a poor kick-off, Berger offered a deal to current members: He proposed a new method of gaining referrals by SMS.He stated this was for the first 10 members (ha). If we emailed him $500 he would buy SMS advertising and guaranteed us (in the email) that we would get 35 or so new members which would more than cover our cost. He further stated that if he failed, we would be paid $1,000. Since Tim offered his personal word on the guarantee, I emailed him the $500.Well, the SMS program was a dud and what did Tim do? He creates a new high ticket payout in the amount of $499.95 (or close to it) and GIVES it to us! Tim turned our loss into a bait and switch deal which I rejected. No way! I could care less about the $1,000 as he had promised. I just wanted my $500 back. He refused. He also claimed to have sent out an email to us indicating if we left the program, he would reimburse us the $500. I DID NOT receive the email. He forwarded me a copy and I complied. Did I receive my $500? Of course not! I’ve been aware of Berger for a long time. When I was with Little Ticket to Wealth many years ago I became aware of his selling online lists that were 40% bogus. His female partner at the time confirmed this with me as we had an angry conversation one evening. So why did I even involve myself in Simple2Up in the first place? It had a “Lone Wolf”” concept that Tim created but failed to follow up with. I wish he had. Secondly

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Address: I incorrectly judged the character of the man and his word. He made a “”guaranteed”” promise in writing and failed to produce. I take these things seriously. Owners need to be good at their word. Tim Berger failed.”


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