Tim Pagliara


Tim Pagliara is the laziest person I have ever worked with. 

Tim Pagliara is the founder, chairman, and CIO of the Cap Wealth Group. He is also a lazy professional who doesnít respect his customers. He needs to become more responsible and has become too careless to work with. I had hired him and the Cap Wealth Group sometime ago because I had read a lot of praise about him. 

However, I realised that all the praise about Tim and his company was nothing more than a bunch of lies. 

I had hired Tim Pigaliara after I saw him in Forbesí list of best state advisors. I thought he must be a great guy so I contacted his company and the deal was done. Heís expensive, I’m not going to lie but I believed he would be great for my company. I made a mistake. 

He spends a lot on maintaining his fake online reputation. All the titles and accolades you see about him focus on deceiving customers. Tim is an unreliable prick in reality. His laziness and terrible work ethic can ruin your entire financial well being, like they ruined the finances of my company. I regret hiring that guy and Iím pretty sure that you would too. 

I had asked my people to do a little research on the guy before I hired him. There was nothing negative about him. So I couldnít believe it when he caused me humongous losses. According to his online reputation and articles about him, Tim should be an expert. But he just turned out to be a lazy prick.

Iíve shared my experience in detail so you can understand better how this guy ruined my companyís finances:

Tim Pagliara and his laziness cost my company 2 very important deals. Yes, not just one but two of them and only because Tim covid not arrive early. 

On the first occasion he and his team were helping my company in acquiring another small business. His people had recommended me to acquire that business. However my competition also got interested in the purchase and it became a race of  who could acquire that business first. 

Because I am writing my review here you can guess who won that race. 

Tim had the responsibility of conducting that deal but he failed miserably. He blamed his team and his subordinates for losing that asset but I knew that he was lying the whole time. That is because I had met with his team and they had shown me their work which was very impressive. All he had to do was to meet the owner and finish off the deal. 

I found out later that he did not even meet the guy as I could not understand the reason why he did not meet him but it was very disappointing to lose like that 

They were going to lose my account because I was on the verge of firing them but I gave them another chance, it was the second biggest mistake I made last year. 

On another occasion they had recommended me to buy a real estate property in another state. The property looked very promising and it was supposed to be a great purchase. But a similar thing happened. 

Tim, who was responsible for overseeing that purchase, decided to  go silent for weeks. His team told me that he had faced an emergency  so he couldn’t be present.

Now I knew they were lying about that emergency and it was just an excuse because they had already made a similar excuse many times before. He would rarely attend a meeting and would claim that it was because of some kind of an emergency. So I already knew that they were just speaking nonsense and wasting my time. 

I don’t know who appointed him as the number 1 financial advisor in the state. He clearly didn’t help me or my company. In fact he lost me millions of dollars in profit through his lethargic and lazy work ethic. He might be a great financial advisor in another century but now he is just a lazy unprofessional person.

He needs  to take responsibility for his actions instead of making excuses. 

I didn’t want to listen to his whining and excuses. That’s why I even considered firing him. I couldn’t take it anymore. 

His subordinates and team members are to blame as they try to hide his irresponsible actions. But what can you say when your Boss tells you to lie for him. So they are not much at fault here.

I had heard so many great things about Tim Pagliara that I was blinded by them. Moreover there was just no way to find out if he really was what other people claimed he was. Now I know the truth. 

I hope my review will help some other business owners in avoiding this incompetent professional. Even these words are a praise for Tim Pagliara. 

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