TimeshareRentOrSell.com LLC Spring Valley California Review


I am a former employee of the company Timesharerentorsell.com. I worked there a week. My conscience couldn’t take it. This was a scam I was working for.I needed a job ASAP. I would go on Craigslist and browse for job. I always kept seeing the same “Apply today

START WEDNESDAY!”” posting. So I did. Went in on a Friday

started Monday. The interview was a total joke. I felt way over dressed compare to the lady who interviewed me. The workers there are unprofessional. They all are either ex felons or ex drug abusers. Most of them went in there not know what a timeshare was.The call center is nothing but cubicles and phones. No computers. The database they claim where they are looking up the information is all false. The quotes from the invetory specialist is just a number they come up with to excite and manipulate the timeshare owners to give up their credit card information. The way that everything is done is just plain wrong. Its all scribble down on a piece a paper. The customer is put on hold while the rep goes and lets the “” inventory specialist “” if you sound like a sucker or not and put together what is going to be said and hopefully you agree to the terms. Also the reps are allowed to quote any price of the program. To make their 2000+ of comission. Since thats the only way you get paid 14/hr for the week worked. If not the rate is 8/hr.”

833 Broadway El Cajon, California United States of America


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