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Complaint: I believe that Tire Plus Overcharges for it’s Parts to pad the invoices to it’s customers. I have recently had two repairs done to the same car at the same Tires Plus Shop that have led me to believe that anyone dealing with them is going to get a very raw and overpriced surprise. What follows is one of them: See my other reportthat follows this one…. I was out of state when my wife’s car stopped running at an intersection on the way home from shopping. She had my daughter in the car as well. Upon recieving her cell phone call that day, she described the symptoms as being no electricity anywhere (no lights, would not start and the seat belt dinging stopped). I said it sounds like a dead battery. After towing it home via AAA, which took an hour of horns beeping at her (she got stuck in a left turn lane) and people (drivers) yelling about putting the hazard lights on, I had my neighbor put my battery charger on the battery. About 2 hours later, the car started and ran fine. We discovered much later that the idot light about the voltage of the battery was burned out. So, my wife drove the car to Tires Plus on Saturday afternoon for repairs. I had guessed beforehand that the alternator had gone bad. When the she got there, they mentioned that they were very busy and may not get to it, today. My wife called that night to see if she could pick it up and they said to come tommorrow as they had the car on the rack and needed to get the right alternator. It would just have to wait until tommorrow. My wife picked the car up on Sunday at around Noon, the bill was for $345.00. I became very angry at this and asked my wife to go and get the bad part(s). She did and they said “NO”” as they needed to turn the old alternator back in the supplier. (What they relly meant was to get the core charge back from wherever they got the alternator). My wife does not get involved with any thing on cars

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Address: as I take care of the vehicles entirely

Website: because who knows when something like that might break down again ? They said it’s a lifetime warranty and all I had to do was come to a Tires Plus Store and they would honor that warranty. I said

Phone: so she didn’t say anything and left. When I got back from my trip

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