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Complaint: On Monday January 18th I brought my Lincoln Continental to Tires Plus for tires. I was told that the Firestone Affinity was a great replacement for the Michelins I had on the car. After my tires were removed they found ” a problem”” the inner tie rods were shot & an additional $300.00 was needed to finish the job. They said it could not be alligned without the new parts. We went ahead with the recommendation & I was told that the car would be better handling when this was done. I had to drive home in the dark & the car was out of control the whole way. It was swaying around the highway without my moving the steering wheel. I could not exceed 25mph the whole way home. The next morning I called the store to report the problem & was curtly told to bring it back. I decided not to as I no longer trusted them & took to my mechanic instead for his opinion. He drove it & was shocked they turned the car back to me in that condition. When they put the car up on the lift they could not find anything wrong but they looked at the tire pressure & it was way over pressure on all 4 tires. My car has a notice on the door to not overinflate the tires. They have to be @ 32 ppi not the 40+ppi that was in all tires. I will never go there again as I could have lost my life driving like that. I have put a report in to the corporate office 7 have a case number so i will report back if they make it right.”

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Address: 2300 SE Federal hwy Stuart, Florida USA


Phone: 772-419-9668

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