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Complaint: I went to Tires Plus in Zephyrhills Fl, to but 4 new tires . They had mailed out a sales paper and had the best price for the size tires I needed . When I arrived & made my request was told to have a sit wile 30 min wait OK so I waited, noticed them running around looking at all the tires, they didn’t have the size & style tire I requested and they had sold me . Oops, so they upgraded me for only $2.00 more per tire. OK, Ooops again only had 3 of those tires, Upgrade again same price for best tire, OK ?? d**n only had 2 of them. So I took the 2 tires they had in stock & replaced on the front of my Toyota Camery. Theh the big bite, the guy comes out said the car won’t start needs a new battery, need battery ends, needs cv joints, needs this & that on going list. This joke was on him, my boyfrind is a mechanic & had just replaced all these item prior to my visit.I just needed tires They had CUT the cv boot & left the key on (in start position ) to play my radio and run down the battery To top it off when I got my car jumped off and left “THEY “” had gotten OIL all over my interior

Tags: Auto Repair Service

Address: sun visior

Website: But they did remember to put paper in the floor board. The price of 2 new tires ? was it worth the run around ? NO Portia Zephyrhills

Phone: door panel

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