Tiresplus Burnville Mn. burnsville Minnesota


Complaint: FOR BRAD THE MANAGer of tiresplus. As a store manager the second I walked in your store,you looked at me,you tried to run to the back.I said Brad can you come to the counter please?When you came to the counter I asked for the corp. number,and yor reply was”No and you have 2 min. to leave. Now at that point since I have been doing business at that store for 5 years I told the 15 witnesses look at the service I am getting. Would anyboby like to see my tires after only 11

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Address: 000 miles with a warranty of 50

Website: this message is for mogan tire and tiresplus.For seven months I have been trying to settel this .SO when this goes up you have two things you can do:call me on my cell to finally settel this or we can make this thread longer then the savage one.And for the trolls hit it as much as you like .You will be wasteing you time!!!!. glen burnsville

Phone: 000.I can only assume you spoke to wayne .But you should have taken the time TO LOOK AT THE TIRES

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