TJ Christensen Heating and Cooling Colorado Review


The owner of the company came to our home to do a repair that we had scheduled the day before. We were told it would cost $125 for a same day visit, and $79 for the next day visit. Our furnance had quit working, and as it was a nice day we decided it could wait. We scheduled them to come to our home between 3 pm and 5 pm on Friday night. In the meantime we had my brother help us diagnose the problem over FaceTime, and he let us know that it was the inducer motor. He advised that his company based in Gillette, WY charges by the hour, and the repair would take about an hour and the part would cost anywhere from $160 to $240. We called the company to let them know that it was the inducer motor, and they advised that there trucks were fully stocked and that it would be a problem to get the part. The company called to advise that they would be running behind, and would not be able to make it until after 5 pm. We told them that was ok, and waited for them to arrive. They got to the house, and lo and behold it was the inducer motor…which they charged us an extra $100 for because they had to get someone to open the store to get the part that they had mentioned earlier that they would have. The repair took TJ less than an hour, and by the time it was said and done he had charged us $920…$240 for the part, $100 for the open fee (note he was late to arrive, why were we charged for this), and $580 the repair. When I called the next day to complain, and ask him why his price was so high he advised it was supply and demand. They also noted it was an emergency call, which it was not. It was a service call that we had sceduled the day before. Their practices were explotive, unfair and unjust…it was 6:30 pm on Friday night and they knew we had little choice as the tempature was dipping below zero that night and we needed heat. They take advantage of people when they are most vulnerable, and overcharge them because they know that people have little other choice then to accept their pricing gouging tactics. They are shameful and they are a disgrace. Please do not work with them, find another company that acts with fairness, honesty and integrity.

Lakewood , Colorado USA


Cooling & Ventilation, Heating

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