TJ Hoban is a conartist sexual predator la California


Complaint: He runs scams by promoting for strip clubs, he then tricks the girls into a relationship. He did this w 2 of my employees from the club. He then seduces them and tries to get them to stop dancing and get in the sex trade business. So i allow him to promote for us and then he sexually harrasess’s my girls and tries to get them to quit here and work for him. Hes quit a character. Very ballsy! He failed at starting a small sleazy escort business because he couldnt find girls dumb enough to comply or anyone to front the money. He has been linked to many girls being drugged and date raped. When the girls caught on that he was trying to pimp them. Hes a slick con man thats been working the LA scene for about 12 years now. he preys on young naive new girls in town. Hes a sad washed up predator. He has lost all his friends due to his larceny and have a real anger problem when confronted with his nonsense. Im one of many enemies of his, hes burned just about everyone in this town and his day is coming. Ive since found he about his past, how he has a warrant for his arrest, how he druged a couple of girls that were afraid to report, so they put restraining orders on him , hes already under investigation w the lapd so his day will come. This guy is a predator two bit con artist that needs to be arrested.

Tags: Restaurants

Address: 79 sunset Internet United States of America



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