TLC Resorts Vacation Club Trenton Utah


Complaint: We went to a sales meeting on a Vacation Package that we purchased threw TLC. They were trying to sell us a RCI package. We told them we already had RCI. They worked out a deal to give us more points and said that they would sell our other RCI account if we would by this one. I told them I didn’t believe them because when we bought the other RCI package from National Resort Liquidators they told us the samething about our Wyndham points that they would buy us out if we wanted the RCI Package. I told them I could not afford both that’s why they said if we paid off our Wyndham loan they would buy it from us. After we refinanced and payed it off we called the phone number they gave us and we left messages after messages and not one returned call. Thank goodness Wyndham had a buy back program or we would of been screwed. Any way this sells person told us he had a friend through TLC that will sell our other contract he was persistent and reassuring us that it will be sold and that they will call us within a month to get our sell price. 6 weeks I call the number on my envelope no one would answer my call . So I texted nothing. So I called TLC and talked to a Tracy Bennett and explained what had happened and what the Sells person told me and she said that they don’t have someone that does that. I told her that I want to talk to the person that sold us the contract. They gave us a bogus email and won’t return our calls. All she would do is make excuses. I told her I wanted him to honor what he told me for her to look into it. She said maybe National Resort Liquidators has something of that program. I told her what happened with them and she said she can’t help me. When I called National Resort Liquidators after talking to her they told me that TLC took over and that they would transfer me over to the manager. They were going to transfer me to a Tracy Bennett. See the puzzle here. She lied to me to get me off her back and both Companies are together. So she’s telling me she doesn’t know what they say in the meeting even though she’s over both. So they are liers and they tell you what they think you want to hear to get their sell. Fraud.

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Address: 1 South Main Las Vagas , Nevada USA


Phone: 1-866 515-0894

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