TLG GreatFN – Airport Parking Reservations Barrie Ontario Review


Last year I used a parking reservation online discount. The company has apparently used this information to give me a 20dollar voucher and was then to apparently send me information. It confuses me because they seem to think I live in CALIFORNIA!!! *how could i recieve the information* nNow I finally notice it, and this is ten months later of charges of 13.05…..they now claim they can only go back two months. and that that will take 15 business days. I asked the credit card company, they will give me three months, and only if the charges are not reversed within 5 days. nWhen I asked the gentleman on the phone for the dispute papers, he says he cant mail them to me, because I have a California address in their system. I asked him if he could please change that so that I get them. He says its easier if I fax him my stuff…..why? I just wnat him to get me the dispute forms so that I can get these charges back….130.50 of my money!!! nI will never book parking online EVER again, and I will never pay with my credit card. These people are scam artists. How can they NOT change my address in their system……. nBtilleynBarrie, OntarioCanada Internet U.S.A.


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