TMC Mgnt. Joseph Noonan Crystal Review


December 1, 2018 Attorney General of Minnesota/To whom it May Concern I was threaten in the parking lot on 11/30/18, prevented from exiting parking lot at 5324 Hanson ct. because the owner Joseph Noonan was blocking my path (Joe), standing in the dark of night in the middle of the driveway, with a baseball cap and jean jacket on staring at me, as I started to move forward he came around to my drivers window he had his hand in his pocket indicating that he was armed, screaming and hollering that I owned him late fee (100.00 dollars) and if I didn’t pay it immediately that he was going to change the lock on the garage so I couldn’t use it. (Stalking at night in the dark) When I returned to my home I tried to enter my garage the remote didn’t work and the combination lock had been changed, it’s against the housing laws for a landlord to confiscate personal property of tenants in lieu of rent or money owned, I called the police, Crystal Police Dept. (case No.)18023672 immediately, then I parked my car in the parking lot, when I woke in the middle of the night 2:30am I notice my car was missing. Retaliation is against the law. Frankie’s towing of Plymouth Mn had towed my car, they informed me that the owner had called and wanted a non-residents car towed which they indicated on the receipt. I feel threatened and unsafe because this owner Joseph Noonan had been to my apartment with some workers prior to this and opened my locked door and preceded to walk in UN-announced. (also did the same to other Tenants) Threatened other tenants who rented and has repeatedly had physical altercations with several tenants who had to move because of his incessant invasion of privacy, this predator land lord simply does not respect tenants privacy, many others have also had to go to court and sue this landlord for return of deposit money, other tenants have complained of this management company, who’s only goal in life is to rip off unsuspecting tenants of their deposit money and issue a (UD) unlawful detainer, this management rents through intimidation and threats, whats clear is he (Joseph) taking or keeping a tenants property in lieu of rental payments is illegal (RCW 59.18.230). It is not legal for a landlord Joseph Noonan to take a tenant’s property to cover the cost of rent or other money owed. Whats he does to keep deposits of tenants is never do a walk through with tenants after the lease has expired to assure property is in satisfactory condition, this leaves the door open for him to have the final say so as to return of deposits, it’s a diabolical scheme, is even if the property is clean and the tenant goes to court he goes into the exiting apartment and mark the walls or obscure the apartment and then take pictures to say this is how the tenant left the apartment. The evident’s is in the lease agreement, which goes against Minn. Laws and statues which is absolutely designed and loaded to give a deviant narcissist access to unsuspecting tenants who he thinks are uneducated and then proceed to verbally assault and intimidate then, he is completely exploitative of others I have watched him argue and scream at others, workers who come to the building and tenants, grandiose sense of self-importance. … Lives in a fantasy world that supports his delusions of grandeur. (screaming at people) Exploits others without guilt or shame. (Claims of late rent or false damage to property) Frequently demeans, intimidates, bullies, or belittles others. (Mainly tenants, and employees) Abuses mentally challenged employees, and tenants, abuse of senior citizens including my self. I am afraid He might assault me or my 9 year old daughter on the property here where I live, during the winter last year he was in a plow truck plowing the parking lot and when we tried to walk across the parking lot he drove faster right in our direction I had to secure my daughter.My family is not safe here. And I seek immediate relief. I seek a restraining order for my family immediately ! Joseph Noonan has to know that tenant privacy is paramount, and not at his choosing. There is an array of eye witnesses tenants and former employees waiting to give their testimony in regard to this irate and abrasive owner land lord. Who plays on the edges of the law. As of 12/05/18 he has not returned my property has not ! The final blow to unsuspecting tenants is even if the tenant did everything right the rule here is he Joseph Noonan and TMC management will not answer or return phone calls to potential landlords in regard to previous TMC tenants, it’s unheard of for Joseph Noonan to give any of his previous tenants a good reference. Which is essential for new or additional housing.

5300 Glenwood Ave. suit #300 Minneapolis, minnesota United States


Joseph Noonan

Tenants, Thief

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