Todd Gaster Review


All information provided is 100% accurate and not falsified. I urge all consumers DO NOT do business with Todd Gaster under any circumstance. I was contacted over the telephone in January 2016 by a company called Grant Strategy Solutions aka Cenex Worldwide. I was informed that I was eligible to receive a federal grant but a deposit was necessary. Because of my current financial situation, I felt some additional money would be helpful. After speaking with the company in detail I paid them a total of $6,990. However, once I received my billing statements in the mail I realized the $6,990 was processed by a third party named (Neurosemantics 469-296-8817). At about that time I began to lose all contact with the original company that had solicited me over the telephone. This was when I realized I had been involved in a telemarketing scam. Since then I have been alerted by the United States District Court of Arizona and Federal Trade Commission that these telemarketing companies have been indicted. | Since then I have done my due diligence and began investigating into the merchant that processed my payment of $6,990. What I have found is that Todd Gaster is the owner of (Neurosemantics 469-296-8817). I have made every attempt to contact Todd & Pamela Gaster to discuss their involvement and request my funds be returned. Over the last few months I have tried contacting them thru social media, email and telephone. All my efforts have been ignored and I was even blocked from contacting them on social media. If you google “Todd Gaster” you will find he is a self-proclaimed Wealth & Freedom Expert. He is also involved with other online businesses such as 7TH Summit International, 7th Summit Productions, Cuban Lighting Enterprises and CEO of The Money Matrix. In my opinion, his entire business is built around taking advantage of the unsuspecting consumer. At no point has he made a good faith effort to discuss or work towards resolving this matter. Todd Gaster scammed $6,990 from me and I want it returned immediately. | Also, it should be noted that after speaking with the Federal Trade Commission they are aware of his deceptive business practices.


  • Name: Todd Gaster
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: Frisco
  • Address: 7612 Jennifer Lane
  • Phone: 469-296-8817
  • Website:

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