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Complaint: What can I say? As a female friend of Todd’s for several years I too was charmed by his sparkling personality. So I was shocked when I saw what I saw-but I never dared say anything since it was none of my business really. After noticing that he is a serial dater, and that he usually comes on strong with personality, bible, and “traditional roles”” for men and women I can understand what comes next. It disturbed me! A friend of mine went on a first date with him. Starbucks

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Address: his fav spot for moving in on a girl. He met my friend and bought her coffee and explained his opinion on gender roles right away letting her know of his expectations. She told me that within the first 20 minutes he quoted the bible 10 times and his own book in order to backup what he was talking about! She was not impressed and tried to get out of there asap. She used a safe-call to rescue her. Abuse of Women: On two different ocasions I witnessed Todd abuse a woman that he was dating at the time. Two different girls. I also heard the way he spoke to them and others he dated. He used bible verses to overpower them and shout them down and “”teach”” them how to “”submit”” to “”a man’s authority”” ! Yes

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Phone: I saw this with my own eyes and ears and could not believe it! Beware ladies!!! You do NOT want to get caught up in this neanderthol’s world and be verbally or physically abused and relegated to second class citizen. You have been warned. Respect yourself

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