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I am a property management, I have bought home warranty from Colonial HW 12 houses on March 2013. They gave me the best and most expensive package(independent plan). I thought that they are good to use them such as other HW companies that I used them in the pst: First American Standard, Nations HW, 2-10 HW. This is the first year that I’ve tried to use them. I have opened totally 4 claims for all 12 house since May 2013 to present. Unfortunately, only one claim is accepted, and other three clams are rejected. Recently, I opened one claim for my own house(not rental house) for water heater that has been leaked from the “release Valse””. I claimed it on Thursday at 3:30PM

and they sent the plumber on Monday around noon time. As soon as the plumber stepped in

he stated that this water heater needs to be replaced. The water control valve is also broken

so we could not stop the water

we have to use stop from the mainline and the plumber bypassed the water heater for me so that I can turn on the water. He turned in the claim on Monday. Today I received a call from Colonial HW representative stated that “”the parts was broken is no covered by Colonial HW

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