Toll Brothers Belle Mead New Jersey


Complaint: I bought new construction fromToll in 1997, only to end up with a house that is so structurally flawed that it must be demolished and rebuilt in order to have any resale value. I will be posting all of the engineers’ reports and many photos on the web very shortly. I am only one of many thousands of people who have bought from Toll and beeen very dissatisfied with the final product. They do not build QUALITY: they build QUICKLY and CHEAPLY. They cut every corner possible, and ignore their buyers once the purchase is complete. I encourage anyone who is thinking of buying new construction from Toll to do their homework very carefully first: search the internet for Toll Brothers and see how many negative articles you find. And I agree with Harry Bloch that Toll is completely corrupt: I have found two witnesses to Toll employees giving kickbacks to code officials in my township, and several witnesses to their doing so in another state. I have reason to believe this is going on wherever Toll builds, and I have shared my evidence with the appropriate investigative bodies. And I dare Bob Toll to challenge me on this; he knows he will lose and lose very, very publicly. You will NOT get quality from Toll. Do not give them your hard-earned money. And keep an eye out for a video called “Toll Homeowners Speak Out

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Address: “” which I will be posting on the internet very shortly.”


Phone: Horsham pa Internet United States of America

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