Toni Osborne Montana Montana


So I met who I thought was the most amazing man in the summer of 2008, over the years of our relationship we moved in together, I had got pregnant and miscarried, we discussed marriage, our future children and our lives together. Then after two years of being together, my world was flipped upside down when I learned of this home wrecking bitch Toni! I decided one afternoon to come home to surprise my man for lunch to find him in the shower, his phone was on the counter and I heard it go off, looking down at the screen a text message from a contact by the name of”ross” only problem was the text read”I can’t wait to have your hand in my pussy” shocked of course I read his texts, to find he had invited her over for”lunch”. Of course when he got out of the shower I confronted him. He begins to tell me how he felt sorry for her because she was so unattractive, over weight and that he wouldn’t touch her with someone else’s dick. I loved him so I decided to let it go and see if anything else took place (dumb I know). || Then about a month later he told me he was going to play pool with a buddy, instantly I knew something wasn’t right by the way he was acting. About an hour went by and surprise I show up at the pool hall to find Toni, my then best friend and my fiancÚ hanging out together, after a few choice words to my”friend” I stormed out. I decided shortly after to move out. After him making excuse after excuse and him begging and pleading for me to come back, we found a new place together and we moved in (really dumb I know) Another year goes by and everything seems to be going ok, then suddenly another woman came into our picture, which I later found out he had in fact cheated on me with. He had started to act strange and I knew something was going on with this chick. I decided again to move out but this time we sat down I told him if he kept putting me through this I was gone, he cut ties with her immediately. He asked me to marry him a couple months later and with that little flicker of hope inside me that he was a good person I said yes. || As far as I knew things were going great until I had heard from a friend Toni was texting him trying to hook up with him. It was around that time I received a letter from my school stating that my financial aid had been taken back and that they had sent me notice for three months what was going to happen…here’s the kick to the stomach it was signed by Toni Osborne as she was the financial aid manager. I had never once got any notice in the mail, this woman came after my man and single handedly ruined my college career! But at the end of the day I am engaged to an amazing man who loves and respects me. And Toni and my tiny dicked, caveman of an ex are now together, what can I say misery loves company! Watch out girls the day she becomes single again I’m sure she’ll be on the hunt for her next victim!

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