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This classy lady caught my husband’s eye and changed my idea of”forever.”  He was rounding the last 30 days of being 39 and was in a deep funk over it no matter what I did. He taught a Thursday night self-defense class over the course of 4 weeks. She emailed to enroll and he used his personal cell phone to call her to give details. (Neither of us were very smart about that….normally my”inappropriate radar” would have gone off and I’d have lectured about it) During those nights, apparently they had little conversations during the breaks. She instantly started sending photos of herself to him (“I swear, I had no idea there was anything wrong with it,” he says yet he instantly deleted them!! Yeah, I’m not a total dumbass) The photos turned into texts, calls to his office phone, and finally emails. They emailed all day long. He snuck to public bathrooms when we were out as a family. He waited for me to fall asleep and he emailed her…..right next to me! She brought her kids to the class to meet him. They tried to meet a couple of times and didn’t take the message that fate was telling them when their plans fell through. Finally, the first day of Fall classes last year (I started back to school 2 years ago with him as my biggest cheerleader), the first day I was officially unavailable to catch him, they met and hooked up in a parking lot. Then they went to her house. They were interrupted, however, because someone from work had seen them at the ultra romantic parking lot and called his boss. I know everyone he works with, so he basically HAD to tell me or someone else would have. The fun part of this is, while I was thinking I was responsible for making him not feel so depressed about his age, his ego booster was cheating on her boyfriend with my husband. BUT she was cheating on her HUSBAND with her boyfriend!! So, my full-time devotion was not enough to do it for him but her 3 timing ass was enough for him to ooze romance over the phone all day long. She knew he was married, and oh, how I know he’s guilty, but she proceeded to pursue him anyway, brought her kids to meet him, and did it all under the roof of his office. Then, she went to talk to his boss to”smooth things over” ( aka-tell the lie that they came up with that they weren’t hooking up….he was meeting her to take her a book). It was over and he was caught and she still went to his office and called him. All the while, she was trying to get a sale out of his employer and to beg that no one tell her employer or her other men. ( *Get ready*) She sells toilet paper!! OH, the blissful irony in that detail!! || This has been exactly one year ago and my heart is still very broken. The idea of”forever” has been replaced with”for now.” He gave her the no contact order, which she has tried to contact him again, and I gave it one more shot because I never broke any rules and I didn’t deserve to have my life taken completely away from me. I gave myself the chance, not him. She is a serial cheater, though, and it looks like she’s met the criteria of a professional whore.”I’ll sleep with you if your company will commit to purchasing cleaning products and toilet paper.”

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