Top Mixtapes


Artists on IG or entertainers will make a post saying “Tag An Artist” with good music etc at which point people tag all their friends who make music. The artists and the person running their pages (therealbigtrill, and Dablock365) then message the artists promising promotion from big name artists and mixtape slots for large amounts of money. You’re then asked to send half the $ to the artists personal cash app (the game, fat Joe, Cassidy, uncle murda, lil bow wow, and more of their peers) and the other half goes to Big Trill and one of his multiple cash apps.

From here they take $500-thousands promising promo that never goes through. They then give you a date for when their mixtape featuring you will be releasing. It’s posted on a website they own and inflated with fake views. You get no exposure and no promotion, just your money taken. All these artists are broke unable to do shows during the pandemic and scamming upcoming artists.

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