TopCattery Persians Hemet California Review


Topcattery PersiansnLinda Pisanin2830 Highridge RoadnLa Crecenta, Ca 91214n818)541-9100 nAny visitor who has knowledge of any other buyer’s/consumer who has been ripped off by this particular cat seller, please refer them to this site for some assistance. nOfficial Complaint Filed 1/28/05 nSubject: File Official Complaint nFrom FULL Name: Brian S. Bruns nComplaint against?: Cat Breeder nName of breeder?: Linda Pisani nBreeders Cattery Name: TopCattery nTheir Location: La Crecenta, Ca 91214 (818)541-9100 nTheir Website?: to file with other agencies?: Yes nSick kitty?: No nWhat would Satisfy Complaint?: Full Refund of purchase price & return kitty nFACTS:n”Purchased cat as healthy eating well mannered cat. We were told that he was a good eater and that he would eat a variety of wet foods with no special restrictions. We have had him for 6 days and he has not eaten. Contact was made with breeder. During conversation she disclosed that he would only eat a special mixture that she makes

only eat off of a “”flat”” plate

needs a companion cat constantly and that she under no circumstance would refund our money. nNone of the above was disclosed at time of purchase. She even gave us a sheet of paper listing multiple canned wet foods that he would eat. She did include the mixture that she uses but said multiple times that he did not have to eat only that mixture

he would eat other canned wet foods also. Only limitation disclosed at time of purchase was that he most likely would not eat “”dry”” food. Breeder was yelling

cussing and insulting during our conversation. nBreeder was told before purchase that this cat would be in a house with only one owner that worked full time

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