Torin, Inc. Review


I bought a 4 ton cable puller from Torin Big Red Jacks – I would use it as a back up hand crank when I did not have electric available. Finally got to use it to lift a fallen medium size pine tree. Pretty quickly, the crimp connect failed and the tree fell about a foot or two before stopping because the crimp connect fortunately got stuck in the pully… Unfortunately, it still hit one of my employees and thank God, nothing serious. I then was able to lift the tree back with a Husky 766 lb test ratchet strap which took a while, but it worked. How did this 4 ton Jack fail like that. The company has no answering service and no one answers at all. No one responds. This is a dead beat company. Such a shame. Dangerous, you can’t trust this equipment. I would have added photos, but they are on my phone and I wasn’t expecting to do this. But it is just a picture of a broken puller, right by the hook.


  • Name: Torin, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Ontario
  • Address: 4355 E. Brickell Street
  • Phone: 1-909-390-8588
  • Website:

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