Tortilla Jack’s Mexican Rstrnt kincaid Kansas


Complaint: Torte jacks by all appearance appears to be a nice family restaurant they claim great food at a cheap price. This is very debatable after you finish paying for things like cheese and sour cream olives excreta its not cheap. The portions are small not very filling so you must buy a number of them to satisfy your apatite. The real problem is the way they treat there employees, low pay, manipulation tactics followed by a belief that the employee is always wrong they are the most uncaring company Ive ever seen they force there employees to work even if there sick I mean heavy flues and colds spreading germs to there customers. They act as if there a mafor fortune 500 company when in reality its just a little restaurant being run by a couple of idiots the mother and her son who has no clue what so ever how to deal with people. Who have naggy little pets to harass the workers under them if an employee puts a lid on a drink or plastic forks and napkins on a customers tray with out the customer asking they will be written up. I had a friend working there who was on work release.she would take out the trash so she could smoke a cigarette and these petty people decided she couldnt take out trash anymore for what reason i cant tell just being pettythey even make them clock in and out for breaks what a joke if they are this stingy to there employees do you think they care about there customers? good quality food? or service.

Tags: Fast Food Restaurants

Address: 1618 SW Washburn Ave topeka, Kansas United States of America


Phone: (785) 232-4091

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