total wirless West Warwick Rhode Island


Complaint: I purchase a total wireless hot spot from the company web site back in December, I am sure it could be November. I could not get the hot spot to connect at all so I called and the operator after 30 minutes total me I would need to be transfer to a different teck department. I was then put on hold for 1 hour yes 1 hour and I was disconted at that point. I then called back and was told to give my phone number due to high volume which I did but 3 weeks later nothing. I was very patience. Now I called and was not very nice. I was then walked threw a process and they told me it would work when I tried it. It did not. Now I just was fed up and quite for a month or so. I called and called but kept being put on that cycle with teck and giving my phone number so I gave up. Now it is Feburary and I needed the hotspot so I called and was told my service is expired, I said yes but I have never been able to use it. The supervisor said we have nor recorded of you making any atempt to correct the problem. I said do you have a record of me every using the wirless device data, they told me, now listem to THIS !!! We are unable to to tell if you ever used the device we CAN NOT TRACK DATA!!!. Interesting that they should say suck a thing as I am buying data usage. I then said by the way why would you bring up the fact that you don’t have arecord of me ever calling when I had not even brought up that subject yet, no response. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY WITH THIS COMPANY.

Tags: Internet Services

Address: Nationwide USA


Phone: 866.663.3633

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