Toyglobe rio de janeiro South America Review


About a mounth ago I made two orders form toyglobe: a set of 7 figures of marvel legends 9 and the black widow of series 8. the order one was the goliath figure of series 7. nThe fact is that until now I received nothing and I don’t get a single reply from them ( by e-mail or by fone), and I’ve been trying for 3 weeks! The other people that I saw complaining about them on the net at least recieved part of their orders and was able to get in contact with them. nI spoke to them once to confirm my order and after that nothing! I did not receive NONE of my figures, I don’t know ANYTHING about it and if I could I would put them away of business forever. nLuisnrio de janeiroBrazil

Vandeen Abeek Montreal, Quebec Canada


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