Toyota of Richardson Complaint


Avoid this dealership if you’re buying a used vehicle. There are plenty of other reputable Toyota dealers that aren’t crooks like these guys.. Not to mention manipulative! I went in to look at a used Prius with a pre-approval from my credit union. Test drove the car around the block and I was clear to the sales guy that I already had financing lined up and I wasn’t interested in applying for credit. Sat down with the salesperson after the test drive and he hands me the deal sheet. On it I see the advertised price PLUS an additional $695 labeled “Toyota Loyalty Charge” which the salesperson goes on to tell me is required. What?? So, I ask him what all is included in this “Toyota Loyalty Charge” and he explains that it’s what the dealership charges customers to get their cars into showroom ready condition. This particular Prius was missing the privacy shade and the 2nd key. So, I’m thinking great.. they got me to come in and then they’re going to slip this loyalty charge to negate any offer that is lower than the advertised price. But why is this Prius missing the shade and 2nd key if I’m being charged $695? So we negotiate on a price that basically knocked off the “Toyota Loyalty Charge” plus a few hundred dollars. I wasn’t too happy about the price but the Prius was great and the sales guy said he would pull a privacy shade from another Prius to give to me and that he would look into seeing about getting a 2nd key. But all the while the sales guy is moaning about how he’s not making any money on this deal and that $50 was going to be his commission AND he’s telling me he’s trying to move fast because he’s got to find his next sale due to his small commission from my deal. At this point I’m a little irritated. I ask him to check on getting a second key and he basically tells me to go and buy one off eBay and bring it back to him cause he can program it for free because the 2nd key was going to come out of his commission and now he’s losing money. I didn’t like that answer. He finally gets up to ask his manager about making a 2nd key but as he’s leaving he slides an application in front of me and asks me to fill it out. As I’m filling out the name, I realize it’s a credit application. Now I’m upset. I confront him about the credit app and he begins to explain that even though I may have a great rate with my credit union, I would be better off going with Toyota Financial. WTF. I told him I was very clear about having financing lined up and that I was not interested dinging my credit. How f’in manipulative. I grabbed my license and insurance and told him this place is a joke and walked out. Toyota of Richardson is the reason why used car salespeople get a bad image.

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