Traci Rhode Brownsville, Texas Texas


To begin, she is a convicted murderer. Her husband supposedly shot himself while she showered in the adjoining bathroom however she only served 3 months of jail time and 10 yrs probation. She became a “church going, God fearing” woman that is until she starts sleeping with married men. || In my case she met my husband at a softball game where her two grown boys played softball with my husband. They became friends and one thing lead to another. She even gave my husband an ultimatum to leave me and my kids, what type of church does she go to that they condone this since she finds no issue with adultery? Apparently my husband isn’t the only married man she’s tried to steal. I called her mother and told her to have a talk with her daughter and she’s like is this so and so and I’m like no then she went on to mention another ladies name and I’m like ma’am how many married men has your daughter fooled around with, she hung up after that. || Apparently everyone where she works is under the impression that she’s a good person well she’s not! She’s a WHORE who can’t find her own man! I hope everyone she knows will see this and find out exactly what a SLUT she is!

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