Tracy Clark Tacoma, Washington Washington


My husband and I met Tracy Clark after she sent us some house listings online. Yes, Tracy Clark was our realtor. We looked at houses with her for several months. She met our children. She even brought her youngest to my home to meet us. Things began to get very odd between Tracy and my husband. We had stopped looking at houses for a few months. I realized they were still texting and emailing daily and talking about personal things. At this time my husband and i had been married 11 yrs. Tracy was also married to her 2nd husband. She has 3 children. 2 are adults in their 20’s now. The youngest from her second marriage is 11 I believe. Tracy is quite a bit older than my husband and I. 13yrs to be exact. Anyhow. I confronted my husband and he admitted they were” just friends”…i called Tracy Clark and confronted her. She denied anything was going on. I fired her as our realtor and told her to leave my husband alone. She apologized and said ok. Then she turned around and texted my husband after her and I got off the phone. Sick cow.So 18 months goes by and no communication with her them BAM. She starts texting, calling, emailing my husband and they begin having an affair. I am clueless and stupid. My husband becomes distant and starts smelling like tacky perfume. He comes home later and later. One evening after several months of this I decide to look at his cellphone which is usually glued to him. He had been ignoring my texts for hours. I wanted to see if he opened any of them. I found texts from someone saying,” i knew you were never going to leave Mrs.B” and a text from my husband saying,” what about you Tracy your fucking your husband too”….my heart dropped. I went to my husbands pictures on his cell and found multiple pictures of him with Tracy Clark. Photos of just her naked and photos of them hanging out in her suv and my husbands car. I confronted my husband and threw him out. I confronted Tracy Clark. She apologized and said,” yes I am a so sorry”…I told her husband. I am putting Tracy Clark on blast because what her and my husband did was cruel and wrong. I blame my husband 100%….but Tracy Clark was our realtor. She used info she gained about us our marriage our life to get with my husband. She met up with him in church parking lots to have sex in her truck and she gave him oral then kissed him good bye and went home to her husband and kids. || My husband let it happen but this woman betrayed the trust of myself and my children too. She smiled in our faces as she plotted to end my marriage. She lacks morals, integrity and character. She purposely went after my husband and he was dumb enough to sell his family out for a piece of ass from Tracy Clark. She is a hypocrite and fake. She is the definition of a homewrecker. My husband is the male version. Two selfish screwed up people.

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