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Complaint: Prior to purchasing the product from TradeBit, I contacted Tradebit via the only means they have available: Email. I asked specifically whether or not the file was complete and if it was exactly as advertised. I recieved a reply immediately that assured me that the file was complete and was what was advertised. I went ahead and purchased the shop manual for 1963 Chevrolet and found the file to be incomplete. Sections of the file were repeats of eariler chapters instead of what they were supposed to be. I contacted The Seller and notified him that the file was incomplete. He failed to respond within a week of contacting him and as of my filing this report has still not responded. I contacted tradebit again and let the company know that the sellers file was incomplete. Additionally, it advertised that it was 60-66 model years- it is 66 model year only and it does reference slightly the 63 models. As of this moment, neither the seller nor the company has responded, after a week, nor have they made any attempt to correct their error. This is in addition to them snidely commenting that it was complete before the sale.

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