Traderbaker Flea Market Muncie Indiana


Complaint: Traderbaker flea market in Anderson Indiana is the worst place to shop in the world. They will follow you around like you are a harden criminal. I went to traderbakers flea market for the first time on Oct. 23 and spent over hundred dollars. The following weekend my husband and I took my son and mother-in law to the flea market. I was being followed as soon as I entered there door. To my suprise my son, husband, and mother-in law were also being followed around the store like we were going to pack them out. My husband was so agravated he finally asked the woman if she had a key to get into a case. She told him that she didn’t have the keys. So she was just following us around she wasn’t trying to help anyone out. I noticed we weren’t the only ones being followed around the elderly lady was following everyone around the store. I go shopping all the time and have never been followed around. It was embarrassing and it pissed me off. I’ve never taken anything without paying for it. Plus I had my shopping cart full of merchandise if I wanted to steal would I be pushing a cart around that was full of stuff? I just wanted to tell anyone I can about this terrible shopping experience and warn others from going there. I don’t know if there employees are high on drugs or delusional but don’t waste your time going there usless you want to be followed around like you a criminal.

Tags: Work Place Bullies

Address: Scatterfield RD. Anderson, Indiana United States of America



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