Travel Advantage Network TAN Albrightsville Pennsylvania Review


My wife and I had the same experience. Filled out a form at a fair, recieved a phone call for free trip and was invited to a seminar.We drove an hour to get there and watched a video on the one time fee vacation plan, up front 500 dollar a week lodging plan. Then after the presentation the doors opened and the sales rep dashed in like a raid and carted us off to a high pressure sales pitch. Since not eating for a while my sugar dropped and we tried to leave. The sales rep found some snacks laying around and gave me some. He told us about a property close to our home and we called him on it, about this is not a true statement he was conveying.The tone change and after a couple of F bombs we tried to leave.To no avail the deal lowered to a smaller amount.We did the mistake, agreed and just wanted to leave. All the hidden costs and maintance fees are unheard of. Trying to book a vacation and getting what you want is terrible.We want out Now. Any one that can help is greatly needed. Glenn Albrightsville PA

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