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I booked a hotel reservation in November for a May trip to Florida. The itinerary that was sent to me had no return webmail address. But did have a phone number. The printed policy stated that hotel cancellations could be cancelled up to 24 hours of signing in without penalty. Plans have changed so I needed to cancel reservation. I originally canlled the reservation question number and received a recording telling me that cancellations had to be make “online.”” However the recording did not give an online address. I called directly to the hotel who said that the reservation could not be cancelled through them and had to be cancelled through travelscape. So I “”googled”” travelscape for a phone number. All I received were reports stating that Travelscape had merged with Expedia. There was a customer support number in that report which I called. It was the Expedia customer support number. When I called that

Expedia stated that they could see my reservation and it still existed but it had been made through Travelscape so I had to call them to cancel. I asked for a phone number to try to do that. Expedia gave me a phone number. When I called that phone number

all I got was a recording that told me to go online to change or cancel a reservation. it was a quick message with a quick and adamant “”GOOD BYE.”” No option to talk to a human. I called Expedia back and told them I could not get through. Expedia’s customer support siad there was nothing that could be done. There was no other phone number and they knew of no online address I could use. So I am stuck.”

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