Treats Frozen Yogurt Review


I am sharing my terrible experience with Amy Salko Robertson, so if someone else encounters her conduct, they will clearly know that it was not them. | Amy and John Robertson have listed that | “Our goal is to create a neighborhood friendly, community destination that offers 100% delicious and healthy desserts. We couldn’t have done this without the enthusiasm and support of our community. It’s like visiting with friends everyday.” | My family and I went to “Treats Yogurt” and was no impressed with what we viewed as unkept old environment, nevertheless we ordered. The day we visited this establishment, we had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting this loud, wild unkept hair, of a lady that was very bogious and a bit over barren. | We had sat down after ordering some “tasteless treat”and while having a normal interaction with other guests, our conversation was interrupted by Amy, when no one was talking to her at all. | Both myself, my family and the guest were all taken back by her loud rambunctious interferance into the conversation. When I took time correct her, I was but all cussed out, embarrassed. She talking loud talking, then screaming (now this was done in front of several guests). | At that point, we decided that we did not want to stay and decied to give back the “tasteless treats”, she became in raged and wanted us out of her store. Amy continued her out of control conduct in front of children and others that had come in. | I sense that Amy butts in to others business as we had seen early that day, her butting into a matter across the street. When she speaks, she lies and creats senarios that do not exist. Her appreance was not a reflection of their “100% delicious and healthy desserts” She is grossly over weight and unkept. There was another worker there that too was morbidly overweight and unsanitary looking which posed as an eye sore for the business. | The equipement that they serve their customers with, looks old and seems as if it could be unkept as well, harboring bacteria if not cleaned propertly. | I felt rippoff in the service and the way my famly and I were treated, as I came there for a treat and instead got a trickser of a women that was out of control and had no problem showing her a** in public. In my opinion this is not the idea of a safe family environment when the owner of the place can go into fits of rage in front of children. Neither is this a place that I would continue to visit knowing that sanitation is not first and foremost, when we has to ask one of the guys to wash his hands. | If you run into a conflict with Amy Salko Robertson (racoon eyes) then it was surely not you. It seems this is her normal conduct. I can only imagine how many fires this guy John (her husband) has had to put put behind her, “Amy gone wild moments”!


  • Name: Treats Frozen Yogurt
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Santa Monica
  • Address: 1700 Ocean Park Blvd
  • Phone: 310 310 3328
  • Website:

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