They advertised a speciality jewelry ‘‘ – duchshund choker necklaces amongst other unique jewelry. | They were slow to confirm order and when they did, I got a slow response to my order being shipped. I never recieved my order when I texted their support line – NO response, I emailed their store website – NO response; I repeated this for several months – NO response. | After four months I reversed the charges only to find out that this kind of busness has no guarantees of service. The credit card company gave me their phone number only to get a “no longer in service”. | I was able to track down the location and names of persons involved: Susan M Lindsey and John M Lindsey of Houston, Texas. Their bus. # 888-525-6432. | I beleive this is a scam jewelry business lurking online. They were referrence through | I got RIPPed off by a couple of crooks.


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