Triangle Tube Review


Beware of Triangle Tube products. Their warranty is a scam. I had a Smart Tank, it started leaking after less than 5 years. I contacted Triangle, they approved the warranty but said a replacement unit had to come from their authorized plumbing wholesaler.The plumbing wholesaler/supplier wants to charge me $100 to handle the warranty. Triangles warranty states that claims will be handled at no added cost to the consumer. But Triangle will only process warranty claims through the wholesaler and they wash their hands of the matter. The companies also tried to coerce the plumber to “hide” the warranty fee into his labor cost to replace the unit. We are complaining to the State Attorney Generals office and the Federal Trade Commission about their fraudulent business practices. DO NOT BUY TRIANGLE PRODUCTS, OR IF YOU DO EXPECT THERE TO BE NO WARRANTY. How could a water heater tank even go defective after less than 5 years? You think they would have some sympathy. Not only do I have to pay to have a replacement tank installed because the warranty doesn’t cover labor. But thats beside the point, why should I pay an additional $100 just to get the replacement unit?

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