Tripointe Homes Arvada Colorado


Complaint: This company is bad news for consumers. They position themselves as a high end builder when they arent. Houses are built super cheaply with tons of issues. They will push for closing super early and give you a list of things that they will do… but yet never do them. When they finally fix something, its broken by the next day and put together with duct tape. Ive actually been stolen from by many of their contractors. You really cant leave them there alone. And what happens when you bring something up to them? “How do we know that it wasnt something you did and just trying to get us to fix it””. Yes

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: seriously. Even happened when i was handed the keys


Phone: went straight to the house… took a picture of damage… had their sales rep come back to look without a piece of furniture in the house… and that was the response since day one. Simply horrible company to do business with and buy from. Stay away… and if you dont believe this note… walk down the street and talk to no minimum of ten houses… and i bet 9 out of 10 has had major major issues with horrible results.”

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