Trisha Miller Shelton Yukon, Oklahoma Oklahoma


My ex and I were together 18 years and married 16. We have three beautiful children; a daughter 17, son 15 and a son 10. In the Spring of 2010, my ex decided he wanted to buy his own rig and drive for himself. We had talked about it for a while, and decided it would be a great decision…boy was I wrong! || He had a great company lined up to work for…I worked part time for health insurance for us, the rest of the time was dedicated to my family. Well, he got on with this company and it was great! Well, there were 3 dispatchers that delivered the loads to the drivers. This Homewreckers was one of them. He started staying out later and getting a lot of calls and texts from the”company”. Our relationship was one that people thought would last forever. I thought he was my soul mate. In October of 2010, he started acting strange. I knew he was stressed about making a good impression on the company, plus trying to make money. He started not texting or calling to tell me he was going to be late. I looked at his phone, but it was just stuff from his job. We even took a trip in November, just the two of us, but all he could talk about was this woman he worked with and how she has had it tough. Her husband treated her bad and her son, also 17, was ashamed to be seen with her. I thought he was just a friend to her. Well, we got into an argument in December and he decided to leave. I thought he needed to cool off and everything would be ok. Wrong!!! || I started going through phone bills and his company account.  He was taking this whore out to eat every day and couldn’t even spend time with his kids! Our kids took drivers Ed together, and she dropped her son off one morning and was waiting for me! She followed me around that day and scared my youngest son! I still wasn’t sure anything was going on. He told me there wasn’t. And I was stupid enough to believe him. I lost 60lbs in 2 months because I couldn’t eat or sleep. The kids and I were seeing a therapist to try to get through this. Well everyone was telling me he had to be seeing someone. I went to the bank one day and there they were they were in an empty parking lot in his rig! I was furious! I banged on the door and told him I was done! I said that Fat Ass whore was welcome to him and he was nothing but my leftovers. I took pics and got back in my vehicle and called the police. Unfortunately her fat ass got out of the rig before they showed up. They both would have been charged as sex offenses! || We ended up in a bad divorce we weren’t supposed to have the opposite sex around our kids because of her. I relented because if I wouldn’t have my kids, they would just be seeing their grandmother and not their dad. I got a phone call from her husband asking me if I knew about them. I told I just got evidence of it. I sent it to him. She told him in front of her son that she was in love with my ex and wanted him. She walked away from her son, for my ex. Stupid whore! Well, her husband went to her job and raised Cain and got my ex fired. I think they both should have been fired. She did nothing but cried about what happened. I told her she needs to put her”big” girl panties on and deal with it!! They destroyed two marriages and messed up 4 children.  Not only that, but two of my kids developed a habit of picking at their skin because of the stress. || We were at my youngest basketball game and he didn’t want to go home with his dad and I asked why. He said that they, my ex and the Whore, were calling him”Scabbie”. I went off! I told my ex that he needed to call the kids by their names not hurtful things. He got mad and started yelling at me. Trisha came up behind me and body checked me! I held my sanity because I didn’t want to lose my kids if I hit her. They are still together today. My middle child knows what happened and voiced his opinion on Facebook. I didn’t know about it for a few hours.  I talked to my son about it and said he needed to talk to my ex and not necessarily air our dirty laundry. My ex found out about it and refused to have anything to do with our son for 6 months. He’s getting his though. All this whore does is bitch and complain about everything! Doesn’t let the kids sit by their dad and if they start talking to him she interrupts…it’s got to be all about her! She just turned forty, but looks about fifty. || It’s so sad that he treats his kids like this and allows her to treat them like this also. They see their dad every other weekend; they used to like to ride in the rig with him. But now on one of their days with their dad he takes his whore in the rig and leaves his kids at his house alone. But I am thankful for the divorce. I have found the man of my dreams and he loves my kids too! So anyone around Yukon Oklahoma or Oklahoma City, beware of this Homewrecker! She doesn’t care if they are married or not!

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