Tristar Engine Joliet Illinois


Complaint: This company sells rebuilt engines and transmissions to shops and consumers. They pride themselves on their 3 year unlimited mile warranty. I am a repair shop who sold and installed their products. I recently did a warranty repar for them and they refuse to pay their balance of over 700 to my company for repair labor. I call them and get the run around and they say the check is in the mail. It’s been over 4 months and no payment. Worse one of my customer whom we sold a transmission from this company has been stranded 3 times with their transmission failing on road trips. Tristar has replaced the defective part but left a family of 4 stranded in the middle of nowhere 3 times. They lost 5k and sold the vehicle as Tristar could not provide a proper repaired part. It turns out they do not even rebuild many of their transmissions in house so they can’t control the quaity. Buyer Beware and Repair shops Beware, Chances if you do warranty work you will be working for free.

Tags: Auto Parts

Address: 530 Evergreen St Baldwin, Wisconsin United States of America


Phone: 8003225859

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