Trivandrum Airport Complaint


Date : April 28th 3.45 Am flight to Qatar I was travelling from Trivandrum to Canada via the qatar airlines. The staff at the tvm airport qatar airways counter (they are not the qatar airways staff I believe), were very rude to me. I was carrying a hand carry on and a laptop bag. They said qatar aiways policy is to carry only 1 carry on and not laptop bag. I saw passengers carry handbags the size bigger than my laptop bag but they said handbags are allowed but not laptop backbacks. I opened my bag and showed them that it had only the laptop and was lighter than a handbag but they seemed adament on a policy which no other airport enforces. Finally i reached out to a friend who was travelling with me on the same flight and he had space in his bag to put my laptop. However the same staff wouldn”t let me do that as well and threatened to block all my air travel if I put anything in my friends bag ! They were extremely rude and inconsiderate to me. I finally went with my friend to a different counter and the lady at that counter helped. Unfortunately I dont have the names of the 2 gentlemen who were rude to me, one seemed to be the supervisor as he had no other work than to visit the counters and advise the staff. These officers should be trained to treat customers well and not to create a nightmare for the people who travel long distance who are already upset about leaving their family behind. To those 2 gentlemen who made my boarding from Trivandrum airport a nightmare, hope you found some peace in harassing me. Doing your job and being kind to people goes a long way than strict binding on policy and being rude to enforce your superiority. I travelled between few countries in the past month and this was the only experience that gave me a headache.

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